Goats for stimulated household income generation

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Project Description

There are over 13 million children in Uganda forming 56% of the total population. Of this, two million are orphans (National strategic programme plan of intervention for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda 2007-2013). At least one out of four orphans provides support for other orphans these children. Out of 204,198 children in the project area, 6.2 % (15,814) are orphans.Out of the total 66,369 households in Kibuku District, 1,064 are children headed without any sustainable income/support


This project will support orphan/their households with 4 goats among the 80 house holds, train them in modern goats management, marketing, provide drugs and routine veterinary advisory services. These goats will stimulate household income generation.

Long-Term Impact

This project will alleviate poverty among 320 orphans, 80 orphans households, provide sustainable occupation to them, spread modern goat management knowledge/ skills in the community.