Health Systems Strengthening

To deliver the Uganda National Minimum Health Care Package in Uganda, Kagumu Development Organization has put more effort in improving human resources for health.

 This was conceived on the background that Uganda’s health systems had over time received insufficient funding from development partners, especially in the areas of improving existing health infrastructure, human resources for health management of the health sector. This is coupled by the poor quality of available services for maternal and new born care as well as family planning. The situation therefore, called for an appropriate KADO intervention to tackle these bottlenecks and complement other government initiatives by deepening their implementation within the health sector by executing the following:

  1. Train VHTs on malaria, HIV/AIDS and TB, and non-communicable diseases.
  2. Provide support supervision to VHTS to ensure quality services.
  3. Train and supervise health workers in private for profit facilities to provide quality health service delivery.
  4. Hold quarterly review meetings with community health workers/VHTS to share experiences and lessons learnt.
  5. Provide input resources to VHTS.