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Kagumu Development Organization (KADO) is a Non-profit Community Based Organization fully Operational in the Republic of Uganda situate in Kibuku District

Kagumu Development Organization (KADO) operates on legal terms of Uganda.
It was first registered in 1999 as a Community Based Organization (CBO) and later as an NGO in 2004 with Registration Number: S.5914/5364

Yes, Kagumu Development Organization (KADO) accepts all donations from everyone including well wishers, collaborating partners, Governments, Groups, Associations and all for the good of the communities and families in need

Kagumu Development Organization (KADO) accepts donations of all kinds. There is no limit or fixed amount.

You can donate to your reach from as low as $50

You can do donate to us by visiting the Causes Page ย to view our urgent projects and causes on which the donation link has been enabled.ย 

Please contact us in case of Cheque Deposits and or any other forms of donation if you do not prefer the ones available.ย 

We are delighted that you are interested in joining us!.

Please check our Careers page to search for available opportunities or provide such necessary information once its called for.

We encourage you to keep checking our page for available opportunities