Environment & Natural Resources

Uganda has mostly a tropical climate characterized by stable rainfall patterns. Read More
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Malaria Reduction Strategy

Ugandaโ€™s population currently stands at 44 million people with 95 percent of them at risk for malaria. Read More
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Educate the Girl Child

More than 34% of girls are married before their 18th birthday every year in Uganda, and 1 in 10 is married before...
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Educate a Girl Child

In Uganda, particularly in Budaka and Kibuku district dropout of orphaned girl children in schools is extremely high despite the existing Universal...
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320 goats for Orphans

There are over 13 million children in Uganda forming 56% of the total population. Of this, two million are orphans (National strategic...
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Retain the Orphan Girl Child in School

This project is implemented by Kagumu Development Organization (KADO) in Kibuku District- Uganda in collaboration with Kibuku District local Government and our...
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