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Economic Empowerment

Taking account of the various problems faced by OVC in Uganda, the interventions to support them including caregivers seem to be inadequate and hence requiring a broader based intervention to counter and provide for the underserved areas in order to realize impact.

In order to scale the interventions, there is need for cohesion and harmonization of interventions by different partners. The target under this CPA is the care givers for OVC, and the OVC Headed Households, children living in very poor households.

KADO does the following, in this regard:-

1. Training of OVC caretakers on management of Income Generating Activities (IGAs) to cater for OVC needs.
2. Provide material support to start & maintain IGAs (Initiation of small scale Bank bee keeping, poultry, goats)
3. Monitoring interventions for OVC to assess Impact to the family Livelihoods