Govt directed to present statement on

For the second time within one week, legislators have Thursday raised concerns about escalating prices of essential commodities.

Nakaseke South MP Paul Kasana Luttamaguzi said the prices are now too high to be afforded by ordinary citizens.

The vocal legislator suggested the need for the executive to present a statement to parliament to explain steps being taken to address the problem.


Igara West MP Mbwatekamwa Gaffa said, “It is unfortunate that our people can hardly afford prices of essential commodities. A bar of shop ranges from sh8000 to sh12000 depending on the type. Our people are unable to wash hands as one of the standard operating procedures for preventing COVID-19.”

Mbwatekamwa suggested the need for government to remove taxes on fuel to bring down the high fuel prices which are affecting other essential commodities.


Tororo woman MP Sarah Opendi said the same concern was raised last week and they got to know that the prices of cooking oil and soap have gone up because of the import duty.

Noting that the problem of high prices is a multi-sectoral issue, the Deputy Speaker Anita Among directed the executive to prepare to present a statement next Tuesday with details of steps being taken.

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